Amazing Oval

Golden Aspen Leaf

Water Aspens



Eye of Zion

Rock & Leaves

Majik Rock Face

Kolob Rock Face

Rock Collision

Rock Waves

Winter Waterfall Zion Narrows

Mandala in the Rock

Morning Winter Light Navajo Lake

Fall Aspens

Navajo Lake Meadow Wildflowers

Limbs & Rock

Bare Branches

Storm Clouds Rising

Burned Out

Rock Face below Cedar Breaks Winter

Be Day Mammoth



When I began photographing in Zion and the surrounding lands called:

” The Valley of a Thousand Rainbows” – then later renamed the Colorado Plateau.

I realized that the ancient rock that started the North American Continental uplift here, was so sculpted by wind, water and rain, so different, so old.

The rock was very much like my abstract works made with light – called light paintings that I’ve been doing for the last thirty years-

                     if you look close at what’s here.

Although the color pallet of the rock is different from the light painting pallet –

the same type of abstract beauty can still be found easily most everywhere in Zion.

    That is not the case in other parts of the country.

For me, my creative works have to have mystery.

That is a big part of what I like about contemporary art.

Abstract works of many different types convey that mystery. That is not the case with representational art –

something identifiable, something composed and constructed, something thought out.

The photo’s seen here have been cropped into a circle and photographed with the intent of doing just that.

The circle can also be considered a mandala, a kind of spiritual shape in relationship to, or felt cognitively in relationship to the universe.

A meditational moment if you will.

At times, certain images were made with optics that created the effect desired.

Only one or two images have been manipulated with features in Photoshop.

But all the images have been adjusted and cropped from a rectangle into a circle image.

For me this part of the world is so different, so diverse from any other places I’ve lived or visited.

Nature loves diversity.  and,

I like that! 

Having lived for forty years in Mid- Missouri –

I’m so happy to be able to explore/experience and enjoy the beauty that’s here in the Valley of a Thousand Rainbows.

I hope that you enjoy these images I’ve shared with you,

    after all that’s what I’ve tried to do my whole life as a artist, is share beauty…..




New 2022 additions

Looking down on Cedar Breaks

Blue Spruce

Mammoth water study

Flute wall 

Zion ocean of rock

Snow & rock


Navajo Heron

Solo hummer

Waterfall detail

Desert Willows Zion Narrows